"Conditions of Sale"

All merchandise is sold as genuine and any stamp, collection or any other merchandise sold by this company may be returned within 14 days for a complete refund less postage and handling expenses which must be borne by the buyer. Satisfaction is guaranteed or your money returned if the merchandise purchased is returned intact and in the same condition as provided to the purchaser. Postage for any returned merchandise will be borne by purchaser.

»»»»» With over 35,000 pricing entries, there are inevitable pricing mistakes and so Oceania Philatelic Galleries reserves the right to correct errors prior to the sale of any item on these lists. «««««

Cost of "Expertizing" will be borne solely by the purchaser and any material not found to match the description thereof may be returned for a full refund including postage and handling. The only exception is a subjective decision/determination for "centering/condition of a stamp" such as the difference between "very fine and fine, etc." for a particular stamp since everyone has their own definitions for such determinations. If you are not satisfied with a stamp, collection or any other merchandise, simply return it intact for a refund as described in the paragraph above.

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Last Updated -- 4-28-03